Best of February

By The Editors
February 27, 2013 9:00 am

Between the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day (the Super Bowl for women), and the Oscars (the Super Bowl for film), February has been a crazy, busy month. Relax with InsideHook’s most popular articles, including our first-ever Cocktail Quarterly — or as we call it, our big ol’ bowl of goodness. Enjoy.

The Most Beautiful Photos of LA
Feast your eyes on Never Built: Los Angeles, a just-Kickstarted retrospective of fanciful renderings — soaring bridges, dramatic LAX terminals — that nearly became realities. This is the LA that could’ve been. Read on.

Like Burning Man, But Downtown
Because actually attending Burning Man means sandstorms and wife-swapping (probably), we present this delightful alternative: the Lucent Dossier Experience private party, thrown by the set designers for the Flaming Lips. Read on.

A Flying Convertible, Basically
The wind in your hair. The sun on your face. The ground 1,000 feet below you. Say hello to SkyThrills, a long-running stunt flying concern with more airtime than Dick Clark, now offering open cockpit flights. Read on.

Hidden Hike
Introducing the Murphy Ranch hike — a lesser-known and innocuously named trek into the mad, mid-century rubble of Norman and Winona Stephens who, at the behest of a Nazi spy, began building a pro-Hitler staging base in the ‘30s. Read on.

There are men who are strong, but ain’t too smart. There are men who are smart, but just a bit pantywaisted. And then there are chessboxers, who call “checkmate” even after their dome’s been rooked. Read on.

And for your gustatory pleasure:

Cocktail Quarterly
Published in our NY edition: InsideHook’s first-ever Cocktail Quarterly, a handy recipe guide to the soul-warming libations we’ve been enjoying over the past season.
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Dinner Plan Guide
No harried Yelping. No wondering about valet parking. No emails back and forth asking your dinner partner where to go. Just seven pre-planned itineraries for you to enjoy. Check it out.

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