Best of April

By The Editors
May 2, 2014 9:00 am

The Original Nomad
Roughing it is nice and all, but sometimes you want to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of a hot tub. Entirely possible with a collapsible and highly portable setup from from The Original Nomad. Check it out.

Ridesharing? Old news. Ridesharing at 3,500 feet in the air? That’ll raise an eyebrow. Say hello to AirPooler, a new service for filling the empty seats on private planes, lifting off from a regional airport near you. Check it out.

Where to Take Her (Spa Edition)
This is prime time for a relaxing spa retreat for you and your lady, and whether you’ve got an afternoon or a week, we’ve got the names and numbers to make it happen, care of our easy to follow flowchart. Check it out.

HonourMark Car Jacket
The Car Jacket from menswear newcomer HonourMark is a solid balance of style and function. Taking its cues from the early days of the automotive leisure class, the look is classic and the fit is flattering. Check it out.

Outstanding in the Field
When it comes opulent outdoor banquets, Outstanding in the Field knows how to set a memorable table. It’s all about location and talented chefs. This year’s tour kicks off in Marin at Devil’s Gulch Ranch. Check it out.

From our Drinking and Driving Department:

The Spring Cocktail Quarterly
We love spring because warm. We love warm because outside. We love outside because everything is better there, including that drink in your hand.You’ll find that drink — nine of them, in fact — in our Spring Cocktail Quarterly.

Mustang’s 50th Anniversary
The Ford Mustang is a bare-knuckle brawler. Rear-wheeled. Back-axled. It’s also 50 years old, as of April, and contains the history of America in its sturdy steel body. Here’s that history in one lavish layout of Mustang’s most iconic cars.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide
When you give a gift — especially for Mom’s Day! — you’re being judged on how well you listen. Whether you know her predilections and peccadilloes. Whether you do, in fact, care. Start by browsing our gift guide.


Win the Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix Experience

Want the F1 experience of a lifetime? Here’s your chance to win tickets to see Turn 18 Grandstand, one of Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix’s most premier grandstands!