Best of April

By The Editors
May 2, 2014 9:00 am

Cousins Maine
There’s never a bad time for lobster. There’s also rarely an easy way to get lobster fresh. Until now: Cousins Maine, online now and open for delivery.
Check it out.

Mad Men Book of Burns
The best one-liners in all of Mad Men history. A visual recital of the characters’ verbal lashings. Joan, putting Roger in his place. Roger, flicking his filigreed tongue. Don, being Don. Check it out.

Less Doing, More Living
Meet Ari Meisel: author, blogger, teacher, TED Talker, Ironman runner, parent, survivor of Crohn’s disease and consummate lifehacker. Now, he’s written the ultimate productivity book. Check it out.

Where to take Her

Where to Take Her 
Dance music? Guitars? A nice mix? Whatever her tastes, or yours, we have the guide to the best summer music fests, in handy decision tree form. (You’ll probably end up watching Outkast.) Check it out.

Golf Gadgets
A handheld caddie with 34,000 course maps, a sharp-looking putting wizard called Ghost Spider, on-demand golf pros via your iPhone and something called “Pitch-n-Puff.” Check it out.

From our Drinking and Driving Department:

The Spring Cocktail Quarterly
We love spring because warm. We love warm because outside. We love outside because everything is better there, including that drink in your hand.You’ll find that drink — nine of them, in fact — in our Spring Cocktail Quarterly.

Mustang’s 50th Anniversary
The Ford Mustang is a bare-knuckle brawler. Rear-wheeled. Back-axled. It’s also 50 years old, as of April, and contains the history of America in its sturdy steel body. Here’s that history in one lavish layout of Mustang’s most iconic cars.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide
When you give a gift — especially for Mom’s Day! — you’re being judged on how well you listen. Whether you know her predilections and peccadilloes. Whether you do, in fact, care. Start by browsing our gift guide.

Main photo by Caesar Sebastian

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