Fear of Blissing Out

By The Editors
December 21, 2012 9:00 am
Fear of Blissing Out

Because the year’s end is for resolutions, we’ve resolved to reveal the most popular articles we published this year. You, meanwhile, should resolve to read them now, and experience them in 2013. Have a happy new year — and we’ll see you on January 2nd.

May: SEAL Training
Run by a grizzled ex-SEAL who’s mastered the art of eloquent straight talk— “no sneaky small print horsed*ck on my web site” — ESE is a week-long camp that trains civilians in the warfighting disciplines of Navy SEALs. Check it out


June: Rare Cuts
Founded by a steak-obsessed New Orleans foodie, Rare Cuts ships the nation’s best meats right to your door. To help you choose from their beefy ‘palooza, Rare provides something called … the Steak Matrix. Check it out


July: Pure Metal Cards
A step beyond Patrick Bateman card fetishism, Pure Metal Cards’s fantastical line of precious metal cards includes everything from a stainless steel sheet with a built-in USB to a single hand-crafted cut of 22 karat gold. Check it out


August: Hidden Radio
The stylish result of six years of slavish devotion, HiddenRadio is minimalist nirvana — no buttons, no wires. Instead, everything from volume to wireless set-up is controlled by a simple flick of the wrist. Check it out


September: Julibox
Your drinks repertoire shouldn’t be limited to “vodka” and “whatever’s in the fridge that goes with vodka.” Enter Julibox, which delivers classic cocktail ingredients to your door and teaches you how to make ‘em. Check it out


October: Shackleton
The most death-defying adventure of them all…led by a world record-holding Aussie adventurer, the Epic invites amateur explorers to reenact Shackleton’s valiant, 800-mile, 1914-1917 Antarctic trek. Check it out


November: Quadski
Now this is a hybrid. The world’s first high-speed amphibious recreation vehicle, capable of reaching 45 MPH on both land and sea … or four times the normal rate of any commercial land/sea hybrid. Check it out


December: Kakslauttanen 
What a woman wants for the holidays: ice. What you’re going to give her: an entire igloo’s worth. Introducing Northern Finland’s Kakslauttanen, quite possibly the most romantic igloo hotel on Earth. Check it out

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