Are Your Purchases Ethical? A New App Will Tell You.

Putting your wallet away is the easiest form of protest

April 27, 2017 9:00 am

As consumers, we’d like our spending choices to reflect our values. But sometimes you just have to fly United (rimshot).

Helping to ethically guide your shopping when you do have a choice: Aspiration Impact Measurement (AIM), a new app from socially conscious financial firm Aspiration that rates thousands of companies on how they treat the environment and their own employees. It’ll score the companies you use, as well as give you your own personalized AIM number based on your purchases (which you can share or, better yet, just use to make wiser purchasing decisions and not clog up our social media feeds, ok?).

The app uses an algorithm (natch) that monitors diversity, employee pay, energy efficiency, carbon reductions and more.

Aspiration, which already boasts a unique “pay what is fair” option, decidedly ethical investment strategy, and strong charitable arm, isn’t the only financial company with morals that’s doing well. After new investment this week, the zero-fee investment app Robinhood just hit $1.3 billion in valuation.

Let’s hear it for spending well — and wisely.

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