Holiday Party Pranks: A Primer

Five ways to wage psychological warfare on unsuspecting hosts

By The Editors
December 23, 2015 9:00 am

There’s a rumor in Hollywood of a producer (who shall remain unnamed here) who plays a little prank on people whose houses he visits. He places headshots of himself inside the frames of their family pictures. Sometime later, the homeowner notices the producer grinning back at them from the inside of one of their picture frames.

Imagine the person’s surprise at finding the picture in place of their own — makes for an awesome cocktail story.

So we thought, wouldn’t it be great to do other things like that? So since you’ll likely be attending a party or two of your own this week, we hit up roving party magician David Kwong to brainstorm some ideas to help you unleash hell on your unsuspecting host.

The Ice Cube Trick
Buy the person a small knickknack, but really buy two of them. One you gift the person. The other you submerge in water in a small tupperware and stick it in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the cube containing the frozen item and bring it to the party concealed in a bag of ice (bringing ice to a party is a great idea regardless of prank status — no one else ever thinks of it). Once in the house, go to the kitchen with the bag of ice, remove the frosty knickknack and place it in the freezer to be discovered at a later date.

Ball Bearings in the Medicine Cabinet
This is a reverse prank that a host plays on his guests. You know how folks always snoop in your medicine cabinet? Put a few dozen ball bearings in there so that when they open the cabinet, the bearings all spill out, making a helluva racket and outing the snooper.

The Bad Fortune Cookies
This works great if you’re going to Jewish Christmas (because Chinese food). Buy some fortune cookies at an Asian market, along with some blank pieces of paper. Microwave the cookies on low heat to soften them up. Then loosen the shape and take out the good fortune and replace it with a bad one, e.g., “That wasn’t chicken.” Reform and bake at around 300 degrees for a few minutes.

Scientology Books
Go to a Scientology bookstore and grab some pamphlets. While at the party, leave them on the coffee table, on the bookshelf and in the bedroom.

The Octopus in a Bathtub
Buy a live octopus and smuggle it inside the party. Then excuse yourself to the bathroom, plug the tub and release the mollusk (in saltwater) into the tub.

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