Need to Get Swole Right Before a Date? Here’s Your Cheat Sheet.

Three workouts to “fast-track your way to jacked”

May 12, 2016 9:00 am

It’s true: women love muscles. (Source: am woman.)

Accordingly, it behooves you to be at your muscle-iest when you take one of us out.

Good way to ensure that happens? Fast-track your way to jacked, of course, with an efficient and effective workout that focuses on exercises that just might compel her to reward your efforts later on.

Get Pumped
“When I was a trainer in NYC, I would put put my clients through a workout I called the ‘Party Pump’ before they went out on Friday and Saturday nights,” says Tom Holland, a lifestyle and fitness expert.

This workout included super-setting chest and arms exercises that maximize blood flow. Increasing and pooling blood flow creates a temporary overflow, expanding muscles so they appear fuller as the night goes on.

“We would do numerous circuits of five exercises with very short rests in between, until they could do no more,” says Holland. Recreate the party pump on your own with the following five moves:

  • Pushups
  • Chinups
  • Dumbbell triceps kickbacks
  • Dumbbell biceps curls
  • And cable-rope triceps press downs

Sun’s Out, Guns Out
Exercising your arms is top of the list, because that’s what shows the most. If you’re planning on hitting up the beach, pool or anything that doesn’t involve a shirt this season, add both pushups and situps. They’ll create a “quick little pump” says James R., a boot camp regular at New York Fit Pros. As I said earlier: ladies love sculpted arms, toned triceps, built biceps and defined delts.

Focus on Muscles That Matter
Typically, this means the most visible parts of the body: abs, arms, shoulders, chest and back.

“Moves like burpees and chaturanga (basically, yoga’s version of planks to pushups) are effective and fast ways to instantly add definition,” says yoga instructor Gwen Lawrence, who works with pro athletes. “They pump up the pecs, blast the shoulders and make biceps pop.”

Go ahead and give these moves a shot.

You’ll be thanking us later.

And maybe she will, too.

Images via DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures

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