Wanna Go Halfsies on a Racehorse?

Help raise the world’s first crowdsourced Derby champion

April 25, 2016 9:00 am

Things have been going really well between us lately.

And we’ve been doing some thinking.

Let’s buy a racehorse together. Seriously.

Our friends over at True.Ink are acquiring a handsome steed. We’re in on it. And they want to go in on it with you, too.

Working name: “The People’s Horse.”

Instead of just purchasing it outright, they’re launching a crowdsourcing campaign

Welcome to True StablesHome of the People’s Horse2:12

“For centuries, the experience of owning a racehorse has been open to the very few and very rich,” said Geoffrey Gray, a longtime journalist, bestselling author and founder of True.Ink. “We’re changing that history. We’re taking the old sport of kings and making us all Kings of the Track.”

Funding for the campaign will be conducted in phases, first for training funds, then for vet bills and then for the acquisition of what Gray calls “the first collective racehorse.”

No pressure, horse. No pressure.

The campaign will be opened to the first 300 “Founding Stablemates,” and for those willing to sign up early, you’ll get access to perks that include having a chance to name The People’s Horse, getting inside reports on his progress, trips to the stable to feed him and invites to off-the-hook parties the mag will throw when The People’s Horse races.

The first class of Founding Stablemates will also get a special secret prize (we’ve seen it, it’s great), and as readers of Insidehook, you’ll get complimentary tickets to their Kentucky Derby party, which includes a whole hog barbecue and a pair of free mint juleps. All for a very democratic $100 per person.

But you need to sign up today to get those perks. Do so right here.

Along with the campaign, True.Ink is opening up the True Racing Lounge, a pop-up space on the Lower East Side (and speakeasy style bar) where for two weeks they’ll be hosting cocktail parties and special events with trainers, jockeys, handicappers, custom hatmakers and more leading up to Derby Saturday. You can learn more here.

Come throw one back with us if you like. We’ll be there for their pre-Derby handicapping party with tequila juleps, a whole hog and more on Tuesday, May 3rd. If you become a Stablemate, it’s all on the house.

The rest can RSVP here.  


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