Rage Room: Pay $20. Break Stuff.

A place to smash the f*** out of things

By The Editors
August 1, 2015 9:00 am

The Romans used to say, Ira furor brevis est.

Anger is a brief madness.

In a world plagued by spotty cell service, bad drivers and all the other little worldly frustrations that build to a fever pitch throughout your day, a brief madness is sometimes necessary.

Helping you express your fury in the physical: the Rage Room at Battle Sports, a Canadian home for off-center activities now offering “Cost Effective Anger Management.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like: you, a big stick and things to smash.

Twenty (Canadian) bones gets you half an hour of alone time in the Room. They give you five plates to start. Additional smashables are priced on breakability (check out the menu). The more difficult the job, the more expensive the apparatus.

Bring your own work clothes and boots and they’ll supply you with a paintball helmet (provides better field of view), a motorcycle vest and a plastic onesie to keep you clean.

Then you pick a tool: baseball bat, hockey stick, crowbar or golf club.

It’s a smashing good time.

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