Northern California’s Best Adult Summer Camps, Decoded

S’mores, trust falls, canoes and … networking?

July 20, 2018 9:00 am

Campfires, canoes and sneaking out to snog after lights out: nothing says summer quite like camp.

Luckily for us, it’s no longer the province of people too young to enjoy it.

Enter four adult-friendly camps that provide quite possibly the only good way to meet new people: under physical duress, ideally in the middle of a canoe race.

Plus: Exceptional dining, supreme relaxation and the opportunity to truly hone your outdoor skills.

Fireside makeouts optional (but extremely possible).

Pursuit Series (3 images)

Pursuit Series (“The Outdoor Adventure Camp for Grown-Ups”)
Dates: August 10-12
Place: Bear Valley (between Yosemite and Tahoe)
The vibe: Woodsy
The brief: Make your pick of a ton of instructor-led activities — from slacklining and meditation to night photography and trailside mountain bike repair. Camp, glamp, or try-and-buy a new tent.
You’re leaving with: A new appreciation for trail running

Outpost’s Camp Navarro (3 images)

Outpost’s Camp Navarro
Dates: September 7-9
Place: Navarro, CA (near Ukiah)
The vibe: Artsy and brand-driven
The brief: Show up in the woods and enjoy a schedule of “thoughtfully curated drinks, eats, activities, A-list speakers and live music.” Chat with brands bringing new products to the outdoor lifestyle world.
You’re leaving with: A bunch of new business cards

Camp No Counselors (3 images)

Camp No Counselors
Dates: September 27-30
Place: Lake Hughes, CA (Note: this is officially the L.A.-adjacent event; the next closest is Seattle.)
The vibe: As camp as camp gets, if camp had also made an appearance on Shark Tank.
The brief: The event most closely resembling an actual summer camp [for children], CNC bunks everybody together and offers activities including dodgeball, Capture the Flag, kayaking, archery, Ultimate, and a talent show. Plus an open bar.
You’re leaving with: Friendship bracelets from your 15 bunkmates

Soul Camp (3 images)

Soul Camp
Dates: October 23-27
Place: Sanger, CA (near Fresno)
The vibe: Hippy-dippy or a peaceful kingdom with bunks, depending on your perspective
The brief: Campfires, a talent show, and a roster of activities meant to hone your self improvement skills, with an emphasis on yoga, meditation, SUP, and the like.
You’re leaving with: Some zen, hopefully


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