Harley Davidson Needs Some Interns to Barnstorm Around America This Summer

Plus the occasional coffee run, presumably

April 24, 2018 9:00 am

Remember your first summer internship?

All those invigorating hours spent staring at drop ceilings, fetching coffee and returning home with a fat goose egg in the bank account?

No more. At least not if Harley Davidson has anything to say about it.

The hog-revving kings recently posted a job application for what might be the most ludicrous (and lucrative, in its own way) summer internship we’ve ever seen. The post, called the #FindYourFreedom internship, is listed as an integrated marketing communications position, and applications are now live. Eight chosen ambassadors will report to Harley’s corporate HQ in Milwaukee before heading out on the open road for a 12-week social media tour across the United States. 

If that premise sounds a little familiar … it should. Cancun-dot-com recently held a contest to find a “Chief Experience Officer,” while The New York Times famously sent Jada Yuan on a nonstop globetrot to catalogue every one of its “52 Places to see in 2018.”

Harley, though, has taken the concept to a new level, by meshing experiential employment with the mundanity of a summer internship, all in the hopes of ingratiating motorcycle culture to newer generations. To apply, simply send a video, essay, photo collage  whatever it is that showcases your creativity and marketing chops  to the email listed here.

And anyone who needs lessons on how to operate a bike, don’t stress. They’ll teach you during onboarding.

Oh, and one more thing? Each intern gets to keep his or her Harley. Good luck.


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