Your Next Adventure? Summer Camp. Adult Summer Camp.

Camp No Counselors is a big-kids-only camp

By The Editors
March 21, 2016 9:00 am

Summer camp was never about modesty.

It is everything that it means to be young, carefree and old-proof.

Here’s your chance to go back.

It’s called Camp No Counselors, and it’s a big-kids-only summer camp that promises a debaucherous, nostalgia-inducing weekend the likes of you will never experience again.

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s exactly that:

Grown-ass adults given permission to go to camp for a weekend. Only it’s camp with exactly all of the alcohol. And you know, sports and activities.

New on the docket for this summer: Michigan. On a lovely little wigwam along Pickerel Lake in the Manistee National Forest.

It’s here where you’ll have free reign on all the classic outdoor camp horseplay: ziplines, water skiing, rope courses, dodgeball, archery and at least one unruly slip n’ slide. By dusk, it’s Happy Hour, dinner and a little kumbaya.

And by late night, it’s themed parties and open bars.

In short: come ready to make some memories.

The full package includes three nights of lodging and all your meals and snacks, and in addition to Michigan (slated for September), Camp No Counselor also sets up camp by the Dells.

You’ll wanna check out the site for exact dates and details.  

It’s never too late to go back.

All images via Camp No Counselor, except homepage image via Saeed Adyani/Netflix


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