Trespass Word

By The Editors
June 3, 2013 9:00 am

Perhaps you’ve heard the recent hubbub about the cocktail club inside the water tower?

You know, where you ascended a ladder through a hidden trapdoor to booze it up inside a thoroughly illegal rooftop boîte.

Well now Wanderlust – the urban spelunkers behind said water tower and other shenanigans of questionable legality – are collaborating with Atlas Obscura on their School of Transgressive Placemaking speaker series, and they’re selling tickets now.

The WSTP’s rubric is pretty simple: basically, they want to reveal the hardscrabble art of sneaking into abandoned places and doing cool shit there.

Tomorrow night it’s “Broken Legs, Security Cameras and Black Mold,” a tutorial on “staying physically safe and mostly out of trouble” taught by vets of the Lost Horizon Night Market and Burning Man Thunderdome.

Other symposiums will include a legal examination of “what kind of trouble you can get into and what to do about it” presided over by an ADA and a civil rights attorney, as well as an exploration of how these illegal spaces are refurbished hosted by one of NYC’s top authorities on weird goings-on.

We’re not saying you should throw one of these things. But it can’t hurt to know the people who do.


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