The America Adventure

May 4, 2012 9:00 am

To truly appreciate America’s beauty, you have to go on a road trip and discover its golden fields of grain, its sun-dappled mountains, its quaint roadside stores yearning to sell you Slim Jims.

Live that dream with The America Adventure: a competitive road trip across the American West’s most beautiful countryside, taking signups now.

Designed for adventurous buddies and couples alike, the America Adventure is a 7-day road rally from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas in which two-person teams compete to win a brand new sports car.

Because a road trip’s biggest challenge shouldn’t be “choke down rest stop Sbarro”, each day includes Amazing Race-like missions, e.g., sand dune baja races, ATV side-trips, and pro indoor golf cart courses.

But the adventure isn’t a race, it’s a rally. The team who wins the most points each day wins a key, which could start the grand prize car at the finish line.

As you’d expect, the entry’s not cheap, but the ticket pays for lodging, meals, and seven days of activities with whomever your partner is.

“A lot of men enter with their wives,” says the organizer. “You know, if they can stand each other for that long.”


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