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Adventures Accessed: Your sherpa for the Midwest

By The Editors
September 18, 2015 9:00 am

Not every man is an outdoorsman.


Kickstarting your transformation: Adventures Accessed, an all-new inclusive service that takes you into the wild — and supplies you with food, shelter and all the essentials — now booking journeys in Chicago and beyond.

Now, Adventures Accessed is by no means newbies-only.

Instead, think of it as the fastest route to a day- or weekend-long backcountry excursion.

Started by Aaron Wolf, a Marine Corps vet and Manistee National Forest outfitter and guide, AA takes care of pretty much everything: transportation, gear, vittles. All you gotta do is choose your destination.

Overnight backpacking trip? Done.

A day hike with a guide? Easy.

Just wanna rent a backpack filled with top-of-the-line gear? He does that, too.

As for where to go, we hit up Aaron for his favorite spots just outside city limits:

Charles C. Deam Wilderness in Hoosier National Forest
“This place offers dozens of miles of backcountry camping where limestone filtered springs are abundant — and refreshing.”

The White River in Manistee National Forest
“It’s completely off-the-beaten-path and the wildlife is overwhelming. The forest service is doing a lot of great work in building new trails and preserving threatened species.”

Governor Dodge State Park
“For the not-so-primitive experience, you can check out Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin. The park offers miles of trails, fishing, boating (non-motorized) and some concessions if that helps some people ease into the situation.”

Ease into the situation?

Wethinks you’ve done enough, sir.

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