Here’s How Giant Turbine Blades Get Transported to Wind Farms

November 15, 2016 5:00 am
Wind turbine being assembled (Getty Images)
Wind turbine being assembled (Getty Images)
Getty Images


Who knew wind power could be so awesome? The video at the bottom shows the incredibly tedious, yet equally fascinating, process of delivering 90 turbines to a wind farm in China. Located in Yunnan province, the 172-foot-long blades were transported by China International Marine Containers (CIMC) up the winding road around Baoding Mountain. With 212 hairpin turns, each blade took five hours to be delivered to the construction site.

Normally, the turbine parts are delivered flat behind the truck, but the terrain didn’t allow for this. So CMIC got creative and delivered the blades strapped to specially outfitted high-performance trucks, with each one suspended at an angle in the air. Each truck had a versatile trailer with a built-in hydraulic system to adjust the blade’s height and angle as it passed through various environments, from towns and villages to rural mountaintops. In addition to the size, the trucks needed to compensate for the 12-ton individual payloads. So each tractor trailer came equipped with 480 hp; and a slew of engine, brake, and transmission upgrades. These tweaks made for greater pulling power and better traction in the wheels, along with more responsive braking.

Watch the video below to witness a feat of modern engineering genius. The next time you drive by a wind farm, you’ll have a better appreciation for how it got where it is.

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