Someone Mapped the World's Longest Plausible End-to-End Hike

Emphasis on 'plausible.' Please don't waltz through war zones.

By Diane Rommel

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13 September 2017

Start walking. Keep walking. What's the longest path you can take? 

Turns out, it is hella long — like take-a-year-off-from-work long

It starts in West Africa, on Liberia's Atlantic coast. Walk straight. You'll hit water again in 8,400 miles later, on the bank of the East China Sea. 

Reminder: This is not a real trail people take— it's just the path you would walk, if you walked straight for as long as possible. Unlike the similarly long — but nowhere near as straight — Great Trail in Canada (which also has the advantage of being an actual trail), this "path" crosses some exceptionally dangerous territory — including but not limited to Libya, Iraq, Niger, and a bunch of other countries with extant State Department warnings. Plus live-fire zones. Plus an awful lot of China. 

In a world, though, when it seems like all adventures have already been done, this would be one incredible experience. 

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