Wellness Brand Ritual Has a Refreshing Take on Supplements

Looking for supplements without any BS? Look no further

May 24, 2024 10:50 am
Ritual Omega Supplement
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We’ve said this before, but the supplement market can be difficult to navigate. You want to prioritize putting quality ingredients into your body, but it’s hard to know what that looks like on a pill bottle label. Ritual, a multivitamin and supplement company, makes it a priority to be transparent — which matters in this day and age.

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Ritual was founded by Katerina Schneider in Los Angeles, who notes on their website that she was perpetually running into multivitamins and quality supplements that did not contain clean or entirely trustworthy ingredients. Enter, ritual. The brand will let you know quite quickly that they are “not about pseudoscience,” which is a word markedly used to describe the supplement industry and their entire ethos revolves around good quality, good-for-you, ingredients.

The company makes a variety of supplements for a variety of people — mainly for women and pregnant women; however they also cater to men and teens. Their supplement options break down further into subcategories, which are all targeted toward helping things like skin, brain and heart health and sleep and stress relief. 

However, that variety means nothing without reliability. If a brand makes a lot of products that all sound promising — how can you be sure what you’re getting is quality assured? Because one of the brands identity pillars is being extremely transparent about what they put in their products, where those materials come from and the clinical studies that back-up their ingredients, they make it easy for you to see.

Upfront on the home site you will have access to a traceability certificate, which provides you with a list of where their ingredients are sourced from, any third-party testing for allergens, microbes, and heavy metals, and third-party certifications. They also showcase their peer-reviewed clinical studies, demonstrating what results came from testing out certain products. Admittedly we find this refreshing and very easy to navigate. The upfront truth only matters if it makes sense to the consumers who are using the products and these facts make sense.

I tried Ritual’s Omega-3 DHA + EPA supplement, which is made from sustainably sourced microalgae as opposed to the classic fish oil — making it vegan if that’s a selling point for you. Because it relies on algae, an added bonus you get less of a fishy aftertaste once you swallow them.

One of the biggest advantages for me was that the Ritual Omega-3 supplements were easy to get down. If you’re not familiar with fish oil or Omega-3 supplements, they’re usually inordinately sized pills which creates a kind of barrier to access for some…like me.

What drew me in further was the clarity that comes with Ritual’s products. Their site explained that this Omega-3 in the supplement came from a supplier in France called Polaris, and also provided me with ample resources to understand why individuals should be taking Omega-3’s and the science behind it. 

Basically, the site is fantastic at answering all your questions. But if you still have more to ask about then you should check out their help page or email the team at my@ritual.com.

You can buy Ritual products in stores like Whole Foods or Target. However, they have an online subscription option that easily sets you up with a refill cycle for whichever product you choose to buy.

But regardless of what you buy, you’ll be able to receive 20% off any single item purchase. If you want to get more bang for your buck, look at Ritual’s bundles, which are up to 35% off. Combos like the Gut and Skin kit and the Gut and Stress Kit are both 35% off.

If you are looking for supplements and want to be able to understand what you’re taking, then it’s worth turning to Ritual.

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