Dread Mondays? That’s Where Big Spoon Comes In.

It’s a new CBD + CBN oil from Sunday Scaries that promotes better sleep. We tested it out.

big spoon cbd oil
Big Spoon

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In my many decades on this planet, I’ve dealt with sleeping issues. And I’ve tried multiple ways to both fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Some methods and lifestyle changes have worked better than others. But for an ideal solution that checks off multiple boxes (ease of use, cost, quality of zzzs), I’d recommend Big Spoon by Sunday Scaries.

Some background: Sunday Scaries was started by two former bar owners who wanted to confront their own stress and “transform a worrisome nation into a chill one” through community, humor and, obviously, CBD. You can read more about their overall mission here — which includes the idea behind their name — and get a quick CBD primer here.

I’ve used Sunday Scaries CBD gummies before and definitely felt that “chill” vibe — a normally very long biweekly Zoom team meeting that makes me a bit anxious turned into something more relaxed and, dare I say, fun. And I also felt focused and comfortable participating.

So I was all in on Big Spoon, their newest release that’s a CBD and CBN tincture for sleep. “Sleep like a little spoon again,” they promised. Deal.

I tried the oil over a few nights in early June — including, yes, on a Sunday night, when my return-to-work stress and worry usually comes roaring back (hence the phrase “sunday scaries” that inspired the brand). I placed a half dropper of Big Spoon, which, bonus, is vanilla cream flavored and does not taste awful or leave an aftertaste like 99% of other CBD tinctures, under my tongue just before shuteye. Then I read for a few minutes and shut off the lights.

Even with a sleeping partner who prefers lights and late-night Netflix viewings — and our current residence in a stuffy apartment — I fell asleep sooner than usual and my mind racing had come … not to a halt, but it was on a tranquil pace. 

And interestingly, I woke up less groggy than on a normal weekday. I faced the world with more of a positive, “Oh, time to start my day!” acknowledgement versus my typical “Why do I have to get up?” resignation.

Obviously, results may vary and your use case may vary. I don’t intend to use Sunday Scaries every night, or even every Sunday or at every meeting. 

But it’s certainly an integral new part of my sleeping arrangements. 

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