This Watch Is Easy on the Eyes, Wallet

And comes in 1,000 different variations

By The Editors
October 19, 2015 9:00 am

Good news:

There are more than a thousand ways to land the perfect watch this fall.

And whichever you choose, it’ll only take you about five minutes to pull it off. Er, put it on.

All thanks to Martenero, makers of fine American timepieces that offer ruggedness, durability and heretofore unseen customization.

All for about the price of two playoff tickets.

Look, you already know about the ideal luxury watch for fall.

Great if you’re into vintage, 4-5 figure Rolexes and Breitlings.

For the more modest gentleman, Martenero represents a strong style complement without the massive red number on your bank statement.

Their two new models:

Ascent, featuring three hands, crisp colors (the light and dark blues on the dial, in particular) and inspired by “places where the mountain meets sky.”

And Marquis, the company’s first dress watch and a more refined design. The raised outer ring adds extra dimension, while the Roman numerals on the 3, 9 and 12 are a nice contrast to the watch’s more modern aesthetic.

Both are water resistant to 50 meters with screw-down crowns.

And for true watch aficionados: Martenero upgraded the movements from the Miyota 821a to Miyota 9015. “It’s a nicer and more accurate movement,” explains Martenero co-founder John Tarantino. “It’s also thinner, which allowed us to thin the case. “And it’s also hacking: this means that the second hand stops when you’re setting the time, allowing you to set it more precisely.”

And, as noted, it’s wildly customizable: “This time you can choose the size of the watch (42 or 38mm),” says Tarantino. “So for the Ascent, for example, you get two size options, four dial options, four hand colors and seven leather colors. The ‘1,000 plus combinations’ refers to every permutation across the four watches we sell.”

All caveman-could-do-it easy to pick, compare and choose on their site.

Gotta lot of options this season.

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