Get a Great Watch on the Cheap at Macy’s Seiko Sale

Not every day you see an automatic ticker for under $200

November 8, 2018 9:00 am

With the proliferation of micro-brands and Kickstarter-funded watch startups — not to mention the always covetable watches on the luxury end of the spectrum — it can be easy to overlook an old standby like Seiko, makers of reliable and affordable timepieces across a wide range of styles. Macy’s, though, has provided a welcome reminder, with a Veteran’s Day sale on just about all the brand’s offerings.

Now, as you will no doubt notice assuming you have reasonably good taste in things, much of what Seiko produces is total garbage: dopey solar-powered chronographs, hideous “diamond”-encrusted dress watches, etc. But if you dig a little, there are some pieces that have been longtime favorites in the watch community, including a handful of divers and dress watches that manage to appeal as much to newbies as they do more seasoned watch nerds.

How do they pull this off? Well, by including a sturdy in-house automatic movement inside an even sturdier and tastefully designed case, then pricing it at or around $500 — a value that is unparalleled in the watch industry, among many other industries, frankly.

Through the weekend, all Seiko watches are on sale for an additional 20% off their already reduced prices. If you know of somewhere else you can get this much watch for just north of $300, by all means let me know.

Below, find our picks for the watches most worth checking out.

Prospex Diver with Pepsi Dial and Silicone Strap ($316)


Prospex Diver With Stainless Steel Bracelet ($336)


Presage Black Leather Strap Dress Watch ($272)


Prospex Diver with Orange Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet ($336)


Recraft Watch with Green Dial and Brown Leather Strap ($176)


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Images via Seiko / Macy’s

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