You Can Now Design Your Own Bizarro Timepiece

How about a watch that runs on water?

September 1, 2016 9:00 am

If you had the power to control time, what would you do?

Swiss watchmakers HYT think you should, and they want you to get weird.

HYT just intro’d Bespoke, a two-level customization program for timepieces that offer some truly mind-bending concepts.

Now, HYT has always been innovative — after all, they’re “hydro mechanical horologists” who craft mechanical timepieces that run on liquids, inspired by “the water clocks of the Pharaohs.” They’re sort of one step beyond steampunk.

And with their two new DIY programs, you can get even more out there.

Bespoke One offers “virtually no limits” on what you want. Personalization, development of movements, component shapes, materials, glass shape — it’s all on the table.

Bespoke Two is for the more modest customization of an existing design, a focus on coatings, materials and engraving.

Do note that “depending on the request, creative meetings are held, along with visits to HYT’s laboratories,” as the company’s website notes. And these meetings will be “intense” dialogues.

Contact to start.

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