Trek Travel Mixes Leisurely Rides With Five-Star Amenities.

It’s Lance Armstrong meets Sir Lancelot

August 19, 2016 9:00 am

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride,” John F. Kennedy once said.


But … what if you dropped the “simple” part and replaced it with, say, meals at Michelin-star restaurants? Or a European castle stay? Or private butlers?

Sure, it’s not a normal vacation. You’ll exert a bit of effort getting from point A to point B (utilizing Trek Domane SL 7 endurance bikes, included in the price of the trip). But the trips also include some ridiculous amenities, and you can narrow your search based on the type of ride you prefer (leisure, active, etc.) and preferred hotel style (luxury, explorer).

This week, TT announced their 2017 schedule, which includes several new trips.

Our favorites:

For the Adventurer
Six days touring the wilds of Wyoming, including an extensive ride through the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, hikes to hidden alpine lakes and waterfalls, and a chance for some whitewater rafting.

For the Mountain Climber
A backcountry trip through Norway. A typical day includes a ride through the moors of Telemark, some hot sauna action upon your return and a stay in a luxury yurt.

For the Leisure-Cruiser
A seven-night tour on the Rhine, which combines the luxury of a river cruise with bike tours of the area’s historic towns, castles and vineyards, personal butler included.

The company also redesigned a few of their more popular trips, including a Glacier National Park retreat at a four-diamond lodge and a California wine explorer package.

Simple pleasures await.


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