An Alpine Resort So Pretty You Might Not Even Want to Go Outside

It's called the Tofana. Does that mean "heaven" in Italian?

April 3, 2017 9:00 am

Whether you’re planning your next ski trip or looking for some summer hiking in the Alps, we’ve got a place you need on your radar, stat. 

This is the Tofana in the Italian Dolomites, the beneficiary of a soup-to-nuts renovation, intended to heighten the relationship between the hotel itself — founded in the early part of the last century and still run by the same family — and the spectacular nature that surrounds it. Earth-friendly tones of blue, brown and green reference “alpine meadows, biotopes, moss forests, and rock caves of the Badia Valley,” according to Inhabitat. Exterior lines mimic the zig-zags of climbing routes, while pine trees on balconies lend a sense of an unbroken forest. 

Tofana (12 images)

The work comes courtesy of Tyrolean architecture firm studio noa*, known for its commitment to projects that harmonize human needs with the surrounding environment — like the reworking of a World War I-era military observation point into a lookout tower for the public, done up in larch beams. In other words: fewer weapons, more beauty. It’s a philosophy we can live with. 


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