Don’t Watch This Unless You’re Ready to Book a Swiss Alps Land Rover Tour

Hope you're not afraid of heights.

November 17, 2016 9:00 am

Seriously: this is one of the best travel marketing videos we’ve ever seen.

If you can get through it without earnestly considering whether this might be the right time in your life for a Land Rover — or a trip to the Swiss Alps — you’re made of stronger stuff than us. 

When David Steed, principal of Steed Tours, tells you that driving a Land Rover straight up a Swiss mountain is more fun than driving flat-out on the Autobahn, you absolutely believe him. (See 1:35 for proof.) 

Honestly, by the time he starts talking about handing out chocolate and cheese to his tour participants we were already trying to figure out if we could park a Land Rover on our block. Or if we should just make it easier on ourselves and move to an alpine hideaway. 

If you’re looking for more Land Rover shots, see their Instagram. Or just book a tour. The day tours aren’t cheap (990CHF, or $987), but somebody’s gotta pay for the videographer — and they’re fun: “Some of the ascents are not for the light-hearted. Some guests prefer to walk up the steepest sections.” Get to it. 


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