Need a Private Jet Membership? Costco’s Got You Covered.

Because you should be able to purchase a $1.50 hotdog or a $17,499.99 private jet subscription in the same place

Costco at dusk

Costco is truly one of the weirdest establishments, arguably on Earth.

It’s perhaps the only place where you might go to buy a 72-pound wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, Rolex, sauna, $6,000 Doomsday kit, digital grand piano, wood flooring, an engagement ring or (and?) one of their cult-favorite Kirkland t-shirts. And now you can tack private jet membership onto that list, too.

Per a new report from The Washington Post, the wholesale retailer is offering its members a 12-month membership to a private jet service called Wheels Up, which you can reportedly find “tucked under the electronics section of Costco’s website, or in store on the wall of gift cards.”

For $17,499.99, members will enjoy access to Wheels Up’s fleet — available to users at an hourly rate — a $3,500 Costco Shop Card and a $4,000 flight credit with purchase. It’s not exactly a discount on the normal membership price, but somehow…still feels like a good deal?

“Wheels Up promises nationwide availability guaranteed every day, even with short notice,” Natalie B. Compton wrote. “The Costco-promoted membership includes dedicated account management to help you plan those flights, whether you’re traveling home for the holidays or taking a Costco-booked vacation. The fleet of about 100 Wheels Up aircraft feature in-flight WiFi, Gogo services for calls and texts, a lavatory and refreshment center.”

At the time of writing, there are no reviews on the Costco private jet membership. That said, if you’ve got $17,500 to burn, and someone on your list with a penchant for private air travel, it’d make a hell of a Christmas gift.


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