POV Video Shows One Bag’s Journey From Check-In to Luggage Bay

Seriously though: Where do we get a ticket for this ride?

July 1, 2016 9:00 am

The inner workings of airport baggage procedures are one of the great mysteries of our time.

Especially because they so often end with a bag somewhere besides in their rightful owner’s possession.

But Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport decided to pull back the curtain and shed a little transparency on things earlier this month by producing an interactive 360-degree video documenting one brave suitcase’s journey from check-in to what we assume is its final destination.

First question: Why hasn’t an amusement park made one of these for people yet?

Second question: What the hell is this terrifying mecha-robot arm thing at the end? That’s the final boss, right? 

Third question: No wonder you lose my bags.

Yeah, we’re aware that wasn’t actually a question.

Now go enjoy the holiday weekend — your bag certainly will.


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