Field Trip

March 20, 2013 9:00 am

Meet Jim Denevan.

Every summer he hosts pop-up dinners in the most unlikely of places. Sandy beaches. Farmer’s fields. The marshes of Puget Sound.

And to get to each spot, he drives his own bus.

He’s like Ken Kesey that way, but instead of gags, this merry prankster stages elaborate dinner parties.

And now you can book a seat at his long, communal table. Pull up a chair to Outstanding in the Field (OITF), a dinner party coming to an unexpected location near you.

This is truly farm-to-table. Each OITF dinner is sourced entirely from the land where the dinner is held, be it farm, ranch or vineyard. As for the chefs: they’re locals, too (see the list, and dates, here).

Your only job is to bring your own plate, sit, eat and learn. Expect the conversation to flow freely: there’s wine paired with each course.

The menu is always fresh and likely to change right up to the feast day itself. In other words: it’s a secret. And not really intended for vegans or “people with dietary restrictions or food allergies.” (Sorry.)

This year, the events run from early May through late November. Tickets are on sale today (noon for half, 2 p.m. EST for the rest).

Dinner is served.

Photo by Jeremy Fenske


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