It’s Never the Same View Twice With This Thai Resort’s Playful Architecture

Go for the sun, stay for the shadows

June 18, 2018 9:00 am

Beautiful beaches? Thailand has a few.

But sometimes you get to the beach and it’s too hot, the sand is too bright and the walk from your room is farther than advertised. Once place that won’t be an issue? SALA Samui Chaweng Beach Resort, where your in-room and on-premise aquatic options may make the beach an afterthought from the outset.

Romantic? Check your room’s dedicated plunge pool. Private? You betcha — so much so that every villa has its own open-air bathroom. You can eat at the al fresco restaurant or arrange for a barbecue in your room or a beach tent. And guests all have access to an infinity pool that runs the nearly 45-foot length of beach frontage as well.

Thai design firm Onion unveiled the first phase of 52 rooms in January of 2018, though the design calls for a total of 138 rooms by the end of this year. The firm took inspiration from the locale’s Full Moon, Half Moon and Black Moon celebrations, resulting in the use of negative space and faceted facades to cast endlessly evolving shadows across every surface of the resort’s exterior.

Chaweng Resort (8 images)

All rooms have views of Chaweng Beach and the sea, but don’t feel limited to just looking: included with the cost of lodging is access to kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, Thai language lessons and a two-story gym.

It’s noted by the Telegraph that the location of the resort is a somewhat crowded part of town, though if you’re staying close to your homebase, that may not phase you. Proximity to the hustle and bustle may even be a perk, depending on your checklist.

First thing to cross of? Booking your stay.


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