Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club: The New England Getaway You Didn’t Know You Needed

Right this way for all things rest, recreation and coastal charm

June 27, 2022 8:52 am
Aerial shot of Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, Massachusetts
Seeking relaxation and coastal vibes? Look no further than Ocean Edge.
Brendan Carey

As someone who grew up in Massachusetts and takes an inordinate amount of pride in no longer living there, (and in managing to escape without any discernible accent) I’ll admit I was prepared to be underwhelmed by Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, a historic seaside hotel on Cape Cod. Spoiler alert, I wasn’t. This absolute gem of a resort saw my jaded New York elitism and calmly handed me the idyllic New England getaway I didn’t know I needed, and I’ve never enjoyed being wrong more in my life. 

Located in Brewster, Massachusetts, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is a sprawling property that boasts everything from ocean views, private beach access and a seaside spa to a Nicklaus Design golf course, archery and even pickleball. The Mansion at Ocean Edge — originally a summer retreat for Gilded Age age elites built in 1907 and recently named an official Historic Hotel of America — is at the heart of the resort, combining old school New England glamor with modern coastal charm. 

Featuring a variety of diverse lodging options, from spacious hotel rooms to multi-bedroom villas, Ocean Edge is ideal for a group trip, family vacation or a more intimate getaway. While the resort bills itself as “family forward” — and while there certainly is a wide variety of offerings and activities ideal for kids and parents alike — I (as someone who does not have nor particularly enjoy children) was pleased to find that Ocean Edge maintains a mature, understated elegance that other family-friendly locales tend to lack. 

While it’s definitely a prime destination for a family vacation, Ocean Edge is also a great option for a romantic getaway or even a relaxing solo trip. Whether your idea of a vacation is parking yourself on the beach with a cocktail (hi, that’s me) or enjoying some more active fun in the sun (not so much, but to each their own), there really is something for everyone at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club.

You’ll have to experience it for yourself to really get a feel for everything this resort has to offer (because truly, there is a lot) but here are a few highlights. 

Sunset at Beach Bar
Courtesy of Ocean Edge/Diamond PR

Dining with a side of ocean

I am the kind of person for whom “vacation” and “beach” are synonymous. If there’s not a beach involved, it doesn’t count as a vacation. Moreover, while I am on said vacation, I prefer to be as close to the water as possible at all times. Fortunately, as you may have gathered from the name, Ocean Edge does not skimp on the whole ocean part. 

While the private beach is but a short, genuinely delightful little stroll away from the Mansion, you don’t even have to make it down there to soak up the ocean vibes. Ocean Terrace, one of the resort’s handful of on-site dining options (and my personal favorite) overlooks Cape Cod Bay and boasts unmatched waterfront dining. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this airy, outdoor restaurant pairs elevated New England cuisine (read: seafood, seafood, seafood) with stunning seaside views.

If you do take a stroll down to the beach, you’ll run into the Beach Bar, which is exactly what it sounds like. This beachy yet still low-key elegant gem serves cocktails with unobstructed views of the water — and, more importantly, jaw-droppingly gorgeous views of the sunset over said water. 

Other, less beach-forward dining options at the resort include Bayzo’s Pub, an old-fashioned, English-style pub that pairs elevated comfort food with vintage speakeasy vibes, and Linx Tavern, a breezy restaurant located within the golf course clubhouse that’s ideal for some al fresco lunching.

Beach House Spa
Courtesy of Ocean Edge/Diamond PR

Beach House Spa 

If my vacation somehow fails to include a beach, I can usually be mollified by a spa. Fortunately, Ocean Edge has both. 

Located a short walk (or super-short drive) outside the main Mansion, The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge is the ideal place to unwind and recharge before hitting the beach or after a day out on the golf course. Airy, comfortable and of course impeccably on-brand as far as beachiness goes, Beach House Spa pairs the refreshing, relaxing vibes of your typical resort spa with a touch of what I like to call “coastal coziness.” Step into the reception area for your appointment and you really do feel like you just walked into a friend’s beach house — if that beach house were impeccably clean and soothing and also your friend were going to give you a professional massage. 

Beach House Spa offers everything from massages and facials to manicures and waxing, and they even have a few offerings designed specifically for men. The spa also offers special packages for couples looking to make the most of an intimate getaway. Whether you’re looking to connect with a partner on a romantic trip, spend some alone time away from your children on a family vacay or just need to unwind again after a long day of unwinding on the beach, (it’s harder than it looks!) Beach House Spa is the place to do it. 

All fun and games 

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about golf, but if that’s your deal, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club obviously has it. In fact, the resort boasts Cape Cod’s only Nicklaus Design golf course (which I assume is impressive for reasons I don’t understand and won’t be investigating) and also offers private lessons.

Moving on to things I do know about, golf is far from the only offering available to Ocean Edge guests looking to get active and have some fun. From biking along the Cape Cod Rail Trail to renting kayaks or paddle boards, hitting the tennis courts or even trying your hand at archery on the front lawn, there’s no shortage of onsite activities to partake in.

Iconic footage of the author being bad at archery
Kayla Kibbe

While I personally try to avoid activities that don’t involve drinking on the beach while I’m on vacation, I have to admit that even I had a damn good time learning to play pickleball — AKA our nation’s fastest growing sport, if you haven’t heard — and trying out archery for the first time. (I was not good at it! But it was fun!) 

During the summer season, Ocean Edge also offers live music, lawn games and various other forms of outdoor fun on the Mansion’s front lawn, as well as weekly “dive-in” movies at one of the resort’s five — yes, five — swimming pools. 

In other words, in addition to being gorgeous and relaxing and historic and rather charmingly New Englandy, this place is also just a hell of a lot of fun. So if you, like me, could use a break from being an insufferable city dweller this summer, I truly cannot recommend treating yourself to the New England getaway you didn’t know you needed at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club highly enough.


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