This Norwegian Park Lets Visitors Walk Along the Treeline

It's a new addition to a park that opened in 2017

Norwegian walkway
Imagine the High Line, if the buildings were trees.
Visit Telemark

Plenty of parks offer visitors abundant walking space across an eye-appealing landscape, and plenty of parks also offer visitors an opportunity to take in stunning foliage and tall trees rising high above the ground. If you’ve ever wanted to make your way through a park at a level where you can see the treetops, though, you might need to make a worthwhile excursion to Norway.

Dezeen’s Lizzie Crook reported on the opening of a walkway designed by the architecture firm EFFEKT that guides visitors high above Hamaren Activity Park in Fyresdal, located in southern Norway. All told, the walkway stretches for a kilometer through the park, culminating in a circular lookout platform that provides striking views of the nearby scenery.

According to Dezeen’s report, the inclined walkway eventually transports visitors to a height of just below 50 feet. EFFEKT told Dezeen that the project “grew out of a heartfelt desire to give all people, regardless of physical abilities, the sensational feeling of walking amongst the treetops.”

The park itself has been open since 2017, with construction beginning on the new walkway more recently. In keeping with the environmental theme, the builders used locally-sourced pine to build the structure, bringing the themes of a balance with nature full circle.


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