Netflix’s “Wednesday” Sparks a Romanian Tourism Revival

The show's first season was a big hit for Netflix

Nevermore Academy in the Netflix hit "Wednesday," which is based on a real castle in Romania
Nevermore Academy in "Wednesday" is actually Cantacuzino Castle in Romania.

Outlander inspired its own category of Scottish tourism. Game of Thrones led to tours of filming locations in multiple countries. But they’re not the only popular television series to get viewers interested in booking travel; as it turns out, viral dances aren’t the only thing that Wednesday has inspired. It’s also getting people to book travel to eastern Europe.

The locations where Wednesday, a Tim Burton-helmed riff on The Addams Family, is filmed in Romania have proven to be a popular attraction since the series debuted on Netflix last fall. Given that Wednesday is one of Netflix’s most popular English-language shows ever — third only to Dahmer and the fourth season of Stranger Things — this isn’t that surprising. It’s also not hard to see why historic Romanian settings might inspire trips more than the suburban landscapes of Stranger Things.

Writing at The Guardian, Jamie Fullerton described visiting Romania to get a sense of the effect Wednesday has had on local tourism. “[F]ans have doorstepped buildings used in the series, peering expectantly through stained-glass windows,” Fullerton writes.

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Apparently, some filming locations used for the show have done more with their elevated profile — including Romania’s Cantacuzino Castle, used for the exterior of the series’s Nevermore Academy. The castle is holding an online cosplay contest through this June, with a final scheduled to take place in the castle itself in July.

As with many prominent television shows, Wednesday was filmed in a combination of locations and soundstages — in this case, all across Romania. Which is to say that if you are looking to visit Romania and you do enjoy your television shows to be more goth than not, you might have the makings of an excellent itinerary on your hands.


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