Couple Takes Flyer Turning a Helicopter Into Rental Home

A search-and-rescue helicopter available to house six for the holidays.

July 16, 2017 5:00 am

Ever get tired of staying in run-of-the-mill hotels during your vacations? Well if you happen to be in Stirling, Scotland, there’s now an opportunity to stay in a former search-and-rescue helicopter that’s been converted a holiday rental home.

The Sea King helicopter has three bedrooms — including double, triple and single bed options — a lounge, a shower, and a kitchen. One bedroom features a full-length sliding glass door and a folding sofa bed. The cockpit has been transformed into a seating area which offers panoramic views of the countryside. The cockpit also retains all the original lighting, dashboard, roof panel switches and foot pedals to complete the unusual aesthetic.

The aircraft has not been in service since 1994, it had been used for naval training since 2002. Many of the helicopter’s original features have been restored, including the exterior.

Purchased recently by Stirling-based farming couple Martyn and Louise Steedman, the hotel will be open to public starting spring 2018 and will be about $200 a night per couple. The couple invested about $50,000 towards the helicopter’s transformation and now run a site called Helicopter Glamping. You can book your stay or learn more about pricing through the website.


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