JetSmarter Just Made It Cheaper, Easier Than Ever to Book a Private Jet

Don't have a membership? You no longer need one.

July 23, 2018 9:00 am

Private flights? Great in theory.

In real life: A headache to plan and absolute murder on your bank account — especially the membership fees, which limit the appeal of private planes to frequent flyers of the 1%.

Thankfully, JetSmarter — launched in 2012 and now the world’s largest private aviation community — just launched a Pay-As-You-Go program, which foregoes the one-time initiation and annual fees and allows you to book a seat on a pre-arranged flight (or arrange/crowdsource one on your own). Which means you can be spontaneous with your flights, and nab a potential savings of up to $7950.

Drawbacks: You won’t get discounts or have any sort of VIP/priority status. But you can still fly to and from 170+ different countries, and you won’t have to deal with the same security headaches. Plus, you’ll be more likely be allowed to fly in inclement weather, and (in certain cities) you can use JetSmarter’s app to book a nearby private plane if you’re stuck at a commercial airport.

Note: If a non-member books a JetSmarter flight by July 25th with the code XMAS718, they’ll get the flight at member rates.


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