Visiting the Arctic Circle? Might as Well Stay in a Luxe Ice Cabin.

A sort-of authentic way to view the Northern Lights

October 23, 2018 9:00 am

Northern Lights chasers: we’ve offered you views from floating lodges and glass igloos.

Today, we present ice cabins. As in real yet elevated igloo lodgings, via luxury adventure company Off the Map Travel. 

Located in Rovaniemi at the Appuka Resort in northern Finland, these ice brick cabins (which do feature a wooden roof) are just a one-night stopover on your journey. The rest of your trip takes place in warmer, less spartan Aurora cabins (which have the bonus of transparent ceilings), Aurora Wagons (with windows facing the night sky) and — less exotically — normal old heat-equipped apartments.

For your ice cabin night, you’ll be ensconced within thick thermal sleeping bags on top of reindeer skins and plied with warm drinks.

As for non-icy activities: check out nearby Santa Claus Village and/or watch the sunrise by snowmobile … or the Northern Lights by snowtrain (see above).

Four-day, three-night trips are available from December 21 through March 31 and start at around $1,800 (not including flights).

Photos: Appuka Resort/Off the Map Travel


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