You Might Have to Elbow an Influencer to Get a Room Here. It Will Be Worth It.

Italy’s Gloriette Guesthouse is a picture-perfect retreat

November 1, 2018 9:00 am

The Italian province of South Tyrol is (despite its name) so far north that it’s closer to Innsbruck than Venice. The sensibility is distinctly alpine, with a four-season approach to making the most of the surrounding mountains: winter sports when the snow falls, and hiking, cycling or wildflower picking when it stops.

Late fall is one of the best times to go, before the ski season starts in earnest and after the summer crowds have dissipated. The Tyrolean Alps are seldom better than at this moody, contemplative time of year.

While many ski resorts won’t open until the flurries fall, there are some exceptionally elegant accommodations ready and waiting: The Gloriette Guesthouse, designed by Berlin studio NOA (Network of Architecture) with its guests’ Instagram feeds apparently top of mind.

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Don’t believe us? Take a look at this infinity pool with mountain views and webbed ceiling — 10€ says it’s already starred in some influencer Stories. (Oh wait here you go. Or how about this one. Oh huh here’s another.)

Guests not looking to increase their social media following will appreciate the elegant décor and pleasing location; you can get there by car (good to know when traveling with bags) but once ensconced, the city of Bolzano is easily reached by cable car.

Rooms come in three different sizes, but of course we’d prefer the Lorenzi suite, with hanging chairs on the balcony.

Just go now, before the influencers show up in earnest.

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Photos via Gloriette Guesthouse


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