This Gadget Will End the Fight Over the Armrest On Your Next Flight

Recycled plastic add-on's design doubles the space of any airplane armrest.

July 8, 2017 5:00 am

Have you ever been on a flight and the person next to you hogs the armrest the whole time? Don’t worry, there’s now a simple solution for that.

It’s called Soarigami. It clips on to the armrest of a plane to double the space. This way, both passengers can comfortably rest their arms. The product was featured as the series opener for Steve Harvey’s Funderdome on ABC.


You can buy it online for about $26. It is made from recyclable plastic and the screws are adjustable so it fits on armrests of different widths. Their website says that it is perfect for anyone who “travels, goes to the movies, or finds themselves stuck in an armrest war.”

The idea came after the makers themselves were sick of fighting for the armrest with strangers. One of the cofounders sketched a design on a cocktail napkin and Soarigami was born. The makers say their goal is to “make the skies savvier by raising awareness and offering products that are useful, fun, and sleek.”


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