Stop What You’re Doing and Book a $20 Flight on Frontier

Speak now or forever hold your PTO

By The Editors
November 17, 2017 9:00 am

Quick: Get on these sweet, sweet Frontier Flash Sale prices, with a ton of $20 flights, and not just on short, regional routes either. The sale was initially reported to be ending the day it began, November 15th, but the site currently says you can book the deals through today.

The occasion: a celebration of one of the largest aircraft deals in history. But of course. Frontier is getting 130-and-some-change of the 430 total builds purchased by their parent company.

Couple catches, of course: Reserving a seats ahead of time is a little extra, adding another $10-30 to each way. And carry-ons will run you $35. A checked bag: $30.

And Travel and Leisure reports that you must be a member of Frontier’s Discount Dens program, which costs $49.99, to take advantage of the deals. (Though this editor was able to begin booking a hypothetical flight and get to a payment screen with no indication of this requirement.)

Including a $35 carry-on fee and $10 seat fee, my one-way from Atlanta to San Antonio would have been $65. So, in Frontier’s math book, $20=$65, but that’s still not $650, so it checks out by us.


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