Traveling Across Spain by Train this Year Just Got Easier (and Cheaper)

A program that debuted last year is set to continue

Good news for people planning to travel to Spain this year.
Jorge Fernández Salas/Unsplash

If your travel plans for 2023 include spending some time in Spain, you might want to consider spending some time traveling around the country by train. There’s an aesthetic reason for that, to be sure — getting to see the scenic countryside from a train window is one of life’s more reliable pleasures. But there’s also a pragmatic aspect to that as well — depending on how many cities you’re visiting, you might be able to take the bulk of your journey for free.

That’s the big takeaway from a new article at The Points Guy. The program began last year — and, was reported at the time, it had two clear beneficiaries. The first? Spanish residents dealing with cost of living issues, who were able to travel via Renfe for free. The other group? International tourists, who could make use of a similar program if they opted for a multiple-city ticket.

The program was extended through the end of 2023, benefitting locals and visitors alike.

For readers considering a visit to Spain, it’s probably worth doing some advance planning first. As The Points Guy’s article notes, there are two caveats: that the traveler opt for at least 10 return trips, and that their trip is taken using commuter and/or medium-distance trains.

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The medium-range trains cover many of Spain’s major cities. So if you’re planning on a summer trip to the Iberian Peninsula or are considering a fall journey to see as many La Liga teams as humanly possible, a rail journey might just be in your future.


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