Europe Is Fast Becoming a No-Fly Zone for Unvaccinated Americans

France is cracking down on unvaccinated visitors from the United States

Bridge in Paris
The bridge represents vaccination; Paris represents Paris.
Léonard Cotte/Unsplash

Question: have you been thinking about traveling from your home in the United States to Paris? Follow-up question: are you vaccinated? If the answer to the second question is “No,” we have some bad news for you. France has just joined the growing list of European countries barring unvaccinated Americans from visiting, unless their reason for travel is considered “essential.” Odds are good that “Well, I’d really like to see the Louvre” doesn’t fit that standard.

At CNN, Barry Neild and Sakya Vandoorne have more details on the revised travel regulations. Among them? Even travelers from the U.S. who are there for essential reasons will have to test negative for COVID-19 before their trip begins; they’ll also have to quarantine for a week after arrival.

As CNN reports, France joins Denmark and the Netherlands in requiring travelers from the United States to be vaccinated. Some countries have gone even further than that — Sweden, for instance, won’t let any American travelers in at all. If you’d been planning to see the Vasamuseet in 2021, you might want to make other plans.

For some European countries, the level of vaccination is such that restrictions can be removed — Denmark is the latest to do so, and Ireland plans to take similar steps in October. The idea of the pandemic being brought under control within the borders of a country sounds very appealing — and helps explain why some of those countries are reluctant to put that status at risk.


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