Eataly Is About to Open a Theme Park for People Who Like Food Comas

What's Italian for TUMS?

November 17, 2016 9:00 am

We haven’t consulted the Italian version of the Farmer’s Almanac, but we can already promise you the September 2017 forecast for Bologna is cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

This week, the team behind the Eataly franchise shared details about the 108,000-square-foot Fabbricca Italiana Contadi (FICO) Eataly World they plan to open in Bologna next September.

Spread across 20 acres of space, the Italian food theme park will feature sprawling farmlands, restaurants, bars and markets and is expected to attract at least six million tourists each year.

Forty daily workshops will use ingredients sourced from the 30 varieties of produce, nine kinds of cows, five kinds of pigs, goats and sheep, as well as rabbits, geese and guinea hens on the property to teach guests culinary skills like cheesemaking, prosciutto aging and brewing beer.  

Guests will move about the $106 million property — which will have 44,000 solar panels — on Bianchi tricycles with shopping baskets and have the chance to visit 2,000 businesses.

“Everyone will want one,” Eataly World CEO Tiziana Primori told Bloomberg. “They’re like the station wagon which was originally built for work but then became everyone’s family car.”

With additional features like VR rides, a convention center and 200-room hotel, Eataly World’s mission is to illustrate “the taste and the beauty of Italy” to “all citizens of the world.”

If you’re interested in visiting, stay in the loop here and learn how to ask for Tums in Italian.  


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