Delta Is Adding a Bar to Some Regional Flights

It harks back to an earlier era of flying

Delta logo
Coming soon to a regional flight near you: a bar?

The experience of leaving your seat in the midst of a journey and walking up to a bar is something you’re more likely to experience on a train than anywhere else. That makes sense, as space is at less of a premium on a train than it is on, say, a cross-country or regional flight. At least, that’s been the conventional wisdom. But if your travel dreams have ever included walking up to a bar miles above the surface of the Earth, two airlines have announced plans to make that a reality.

Writing at The Points Guy, Zach Griff reports that Delta is set to unveil a new cabin configuration for some of its regional flights. The flights in question will be on Bombardier CRJ-550s, and the configuration is also set to be used on some of United’s regional flights.

The cabin of these CRJ-550s has space for 50 seats, with 10 of those in first class. It’s first class passengers who will have access to the bar, which Griff writes will be “stocked with snacks and soft drinks.” Based on this, it sounds like passengers will not be able to walk up to the bar for booze, which sounds like a very wise idea on the part of the airlines involved.

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Still, even a relatively scaled-down bar has a certain appeal to it. It’s not quite the level of in-flight piano bars in a bygone decade, but it’s a reminder that there are ways to make the experience of flying a little more bearable. And who knows? Perhaps one day, the walk-up bar will be available to everyone on a given flight.


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