Flying With a Baby? Carter’s Will Give You Cash to Appease Nearby Passengers.

We know you can’t help it if your baby is crying, but this cheeky giveaway might ease the pain

little girl screaming on an airplane
Yeah, sitting on the tarmac makes us want to scream, too
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We’ve all been there before: you board an airplane, take your seat and realize that baby in your vicinity might scream its head off into your ear the entire flight. Even though you realize it’s not the baby or the parents’ fault because, well, it’s a baby with a very soft brain that doesn’t know any better, it’s still irritating if you forgot your noise-canceling headphones. But as a childless adult, I can only imagine how the parents feel when they have absolutely no control over the incessant wailing reverberating throughout the entire plane. But the children’s apparel company Carter’s knows how these poor parents feel, which is why they are giving “Airline Apology” packages to five lucky parents. 

What exactly are in these packages? Each one contains 15 envelopes filled with $100 each, as well as a onesie that reads “my parents apologize in advance.” Parents can take a look around the plane and search for side-eyes or irritated stares and hand the disgruntled passengers an envelope of cash so maybe they’ll stop judging them for the rest of the flight.

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There’s also an agreement inside each one of the envelopes that reads: “The parents acknowledge and agree that while money does not buy happiness, it can rent patience for a few short hours. The passenger hereby accepts the Airplane Apology Agreement and agrees to refrain from any judgmental gestures, including, but not limited to, eye rolls, audible laughs and sighs, or headshakes; and any snarky comments (both verbal and virtual), including, but not limited to, ‘can’t they control their baby?’ ‘ever heard of a road trip?’ and ‘where’s an ejector seat when you need it?’”

Carter’s certainly has a sense of humor trying to make light of a very embarrassing situation for parents – I mean, I can’t even imagine how to handle a crying baby on an airplane, so I certainly sympathize with anyone brave enough to travel with a little one, whether out of necessity or choice. Now, when your child who is old enough to understand good behavior is repeatedly kicking my seat, that’s on you parents: get it together or get out of here.

Parents who are interested in entering to win an Airline Apology package can do so here until 11:59 p.m. EST on April 17.


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