Set Sail

By The Editors
June 14, 2013 9:00 am

They say there are two great days in a boat owner’s life:

The day he buys his boat, and the day he sells it.

Or you could rent – and enjoy your boat unburdened – with Boatbound.

Just launched, Boatbound is a “pier to pier” (heh) boat rental system that works like a nautical Airbnb.

Essentially, you’re renting yachts, powerboats and sailboats around the country that are, like nautical Al Bundys, just sitting there. (The average boater, says founder Aaron Hall, uses his boat 14 days per year.)

Simply sign up and peruse the boat listings by price, location, amenities and reviews.

Your vessel of choice can vary wildly, from a four-passenger classic sailboat in New Hampshire ($139/day) to a 38-foot power yacht in Miami Beach ($2,600). Kayaks and canoes are also available.

For renters, on-the-water assistance is included. Plus, there’s protection for both for owners and renters, including up to $1 million in liability insurance from Lloyds of London.

So you can spend all your days not worrying.


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