Are These the Smartest Bags Ever Created?

You simply can’t lose this luggage

By The Editors
June 28, 2017 9:00 am

There are a few smart ways to travel on a holiday weekend.

You could leave, like, now and turn that four-day sojourn into a week-long expedition, sans traffic.

Or you could get a new bag. One with brains and the looks to match.

And that’s Bluesmart, creators of the original piece of smart luggage, who just released released four new cases that are theft-proof, loss-proof and airline-proof.

The original Bluesmart was dubbed the “iPhone of Luggage,” and the initial crowdfunding campaign for the suitcase raised over $2 million.

Three years later, we have Bluesmart’s new Series 2 line, launched now on Indiegogo (and already way past its funding goals), which adds a carry-on, a larger checked bag, a laptop bag and a passport pouch.

bluesmart (3 images)

Each of these bags possesses what made the original Blue so memorable: GPS and Bluetooth tracking, a built-in supercharger and weight sensor, remote locking capabilities and a dedicated app that tracks and controls it all.

Besides offering more variety, the company’s also upped the tech on the bags, thrown in some new colors (silver, charcoal gray, blue moon) and given the luggage a slick new look.

Some nice details: the Series 2 Cabin has 25 percent increased packing capacity over the original Bluesmart. The larger 29” Check suitcase is constructed from three-layer reinforced polycarbonate, and both bags feature four hubless wheels and 3G+GPS technology. The Laptop attaches to the suitcases and features two USB ports and a removable supercharger. It also opens 180 degrees flat, which will help you both in packing and during security.

bluesmart2 (3 images)

The Passport Pouch features Bluetooth tracking, an RFID blocker and is built from water-resistant materials. Basically, you’ll never lose or damage the one thing that’ll get you in and out of a foreign land.

The bags range from $95-$325, with early bird savings over 50% off the final retail price. While you shouldn’t be put off by the crowdfunding (Bluesmart’s now in 200 stores), shipping won’t begin until October.

Eh, we’re always smarter in the fall anyway.


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