‘Urban Camping in Amsterdam’ Is Not, in Fact, a Euphemism for Pot

13 pop-up cabins are taking over the city this summer

August 7, 2017 9:00 am

Amsterdam’s not Amsterdam until you’ve seen one of your best friends cower in a corner of the bathroom after the edibles at the shop down the street made her much, much, much more paranoid than she expected.

(Happy 35th birthday to me!)

All I’m saying is everybody knows you go to Amsterdam for the pot. Fine. We’re all adults here. But now that there plenty of pot-tourism options right here at home, maybe we can focus on other things to see and do in the Dutch capital? 

Take, for instance, “The Art of Tech-Living,” an extremely cool chance to overnight in one of 13 temporary installations planned and produced by artists asked to riff on the subject of technology. Surprisingly, many of them went down a decidedly non-Tron path, instead going “back to basics,” according to the project’s co-creator. 

amsterdam art spaces (6 images)

On offer are spaces Lonely Planet calls “charming and fascinating,” including one that “drives [thanks to] technical gadgets if the sea floods the country one day.” There’s also a geodesic “360 degree rotating research ship has a pleasant private space” and a tent-like unit experimenting with “an ingenious natural ventilation system: spring temperature during the day, great coolness at night.”

The 13 spaces are installed within UrbanCampsite Amsterdam in city’s Science Park

See all the projects, and book them, here.


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