Now There’s an App for Airbnb Trash Removal

It's not surprising to see a service like this become more popular

Trash cans
Welcome to the world of apps for your apps.
Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash

It’s been a strange time to be an Airbnb host as of late. New York City’s recent laws governing short-term rentals have sparked a larger debate over Airbnb’s effect on the housing market. And the impact of real estate’s own fluctuations on the short-term rental markets has varied dramatically since the early days of the pandemic. Even so, there’s no shortage of available places to book on the service — which also means that there are a number of other businesses that have sprung up to manage some of the less seemly aspects of renting out a home or apartment.

Alternately: if you’ve stayed at an Airbnb, have you ever wondered what happens to the trash you’ve left behind? As it turns out, there literally is an app for that.

It’s called Can Monkey, and it’s the subject of a recent Business Insider article. According to the company’s website, they “provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for vacation rental management companies.” Can Monkey also provides services for homeowners who’d rather not take large trash bins to and from the curb every week — or who might not be able to for health reasons.

As Business Insider‘s reporting revealed, Can Monkey founders Marc Zagoury and Marc Zagoury began by appealing to homeowners and property managers, and then realized that they could appeal to Airbnb hosts looking to simplify the process of keeping a house or apartment clean. The article notes that the company now handles trash for around 7,000 homes across the country.

The economics of this seem pretty straightforward: homeowners pay Can Monkey $49 per month for their services, and Can Monkey pays contractors $40/hour for the trash removal itself. All of which sound like a relatively reasonable balance of services, all things considered.


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