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Bigger. Better. Texas-er.
Bigger. Better. Texas-er.
andrick langfield

Friends, family, foes who keep a close eye on the competition: we have a very important announcement to make.

Back in late 2019, we quietly began to conduct a little market research. We felt that it was an opportune moment to launch another local newsletter. The numbers and charts suggested that said newsletter should probably be in … Austin. No, wait, Dallas. Maybe Houston? San Antonio, even?

What we had on our hands was a Texas-sized problem: Too many readers in too many cities, making it entirely unfair to pick just one. And so we decided to charter our first statewide edition, InsideHook Texas, which would span from El Paso to Galveston, documenting noteworthy people, places and things all along the way.

Then we reached out to our Texas-based subscribers and asked them if this newsletter was of interest to them. The sign-ups rolled in. And then … COVID-19 arrived, and our plans were temporarily foiled. People needed a lot of things in 2020, but another publication telling them about all the restaurants, bars, shops and destinations they were indefinitely prohibited from visiting was not one of them.

Now, with vaccines fully rolled out and quarantine restrictions rolling back, we’re ready to finally make good on our promise. This week (May 7), we’ll send out our first Texas newsletter, with new editions following every Friday thereafter. Without spoiling too much, I can tell you that some of our first subjects will include an iconic Fort Worth restaurateur compiling a list of the quintessential Texas BBQ fixings, a workshop in Austin that makes electric “torches” with a level of detail befitting a Swiss watch, and a 108-year-old hotel that just reopened its doors after an immaculate renovation.

If you’re not signed up for InsideHook Texas yet and want to be, you can join the list here. We’ll be posting new stories from around the Lone Star State once a week, with the occasional bonus read thrown in here and there for good measure.

Until then, loosen your belt, fix a drink and stay awhile. And if you have any questions, comments or tips (especially tips!), don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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