“SNL” Takes on Tom Brady’s Career, Jack Dorsey’s Beard in Cold Open

The opening sketch was anchored by an excellent Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon on "Saturday Night Live."

Sketch comedy doesn’t always get borderline existential, but when it does, it can make for a memorable (and funny) time. That was the case on last night’s Saturday Night Live, where Kate McKinnon (playing herself) spent the cold open hosting a show called What Still Works.

The premise was simple: at a time when nearly every institution of American life has had its flaws revealed to the world, what actually still works? What this boiled down to was having various cast members show up in character, do a quick bit, and make their exit. Pete Davidson played a GameStop investor, Cecily Strong played Marjorie Taylor Greene; McKinnon did a fine job as the foil to the parade of guests.

Structurally, it wasn’t far removed from last month’s Michigan hearings cold open, which also featured McKinnon at its center. Highlights included Strong’s take on Greene casually offering McKinnon a gun, a memorable dig at Jack Dorsey’s beard and host (and longtime Patriots fan) John Krasinski portraying Tom Brady.

Is Brady’s career the only thing in America that still works? There’s really only one way to find out. McKinnon’s deadpan bewilderment is a joy to watch throughout, and if the format is somewhat predictable, it’s also elevated by solid work from the cast.

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