Woman Who Learned English From “Jeopardy!” Appears on Show

Unfortunately, Kristyna Ng wasn't able to walk away with a win

Woman Who Learned English From 'Jeopardy!' Appears on Show
Kristyna Ng on "Jeopardy!" with host Alex Trebek. (Sony/ABC)

A Chinese woman who learned to speak English from watching game shows like Jeopardy! was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of appearing on the show.

Kristyna Ng, who moved to Canada from China when she was eight, has watched the program and host Alex Trebek nearly every night since she was a little girl growing up in Calgary.

Even though she was still learning the language, Ng would try to play along. “When I first got started, I wouldn’t get any right but I would keep listening and practicing,” she told CTV News. “My English skills were non-existent, so very, very basic — let’s say nil. It is a great tool to learn about our culture, our history and international relations.”

Ng, who has a master’s degree in public administration and works as a corporate strategist for the city of Calgary, did well during her appearance on the show but wasn’t able to walk away with a win after coming up $2,221 short behind first-place finisher Danyelle Long-Hyland.

For finishing in second, Ng went home with a $2,000 consolation prize.

“It’s amazing to have been on that stage and to represent Canadians that are diverse or newcomers, and to know that through hard work, perseverance and the love of learning, anything is possible,” Ng told The Calgary Herald. “I have no regrets. It’s all such a wonderful journey and it was never about winning. It was never about the prize. It’s about knowing that anyone can make it.”

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